15 Days in Mallorca + What It Cost Our Family of 5

Who knew Mallorca, Spain was so gorgeous and never told us!?!  Well it’s not a secret anymore, because we are here to tell you…..GO!  


It seems that this Spanish island to the east of mainland Spain, is well known especially to road bikers, and there were quite a few in March. It’s no wonder because the weather is very mild in the spring.

We found it fantastic for hiking and trekking to some of the many beaches that Mallorca offers.

Things We Loved

The Town of Soller

Mallorca Soller

We stopped for coffee and to stretch our legs, because the town square we passed looks much too inviting to pass by!

It has a European feel. Many locals were sitting in the square enjoying coffee or beer chatting it up with friends and family. I wanted to try every charming establishment, but in the end we settled at one in the sun, with a great view of the majestic cathedral, it was Sunday after all and we have so much to give thanks for.

Port de Soller

Port de Soller

It was a fun little area, we climbed rocked and stopped in some shops. We were absolutely wowed when the sun came out from the clouds turning the water from gray to crystal blue.  Then the trolley came by to truly complete the whole moment. It’s a lovely area in the spring, peaceful and picture perfect.

Parc Natural de Mondrago

Parc Natural de Mondrago

In the southeast there is magical and enchanting park, Parc Natural de Mondrago. There are three separate beaches within the park, with hiking trails and viewpoints connecting them. The water at many of the beaches in Mallorca is a Caribbean blue, it seems almost unnatural when the sun shines. We felt like we were living life with an amazing filter on. 

Mountain Road Trip

Mallorca Mountains

To the northeast we were again impressed with beauty. As we drove through the mountains taking hairpin turns, the views (and the rollercoaster ride of a drive) made our hearts race! Here there is a horseshoe bay and a drive up into the mountains. Passing through cliffs and over narrow bridges we arrive at almost the farthest point northeast of Mallorca. The drive is worth it!

The lookouts are amazing and exhilarating. The guardrails not nearly big enough, offering little protection from the cliff edge. However we see baby and mother mountain goats climbing with ease only a stone’s throw away.

Playa de Formentor

Playa de Formentor

The mountain road trip is required to reach this beach. With tree covered mountains creating a cove, this beach is a stunner.

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro

Consistently named one of the best beaches in Europe, Playa de Muro did not disappoint. At over 3.5 miles long, it is great for a jog, or a stroll. Many resorts, restaurants and stores are in the area. The waves are calm, the sand soft, and the water clear. We absolutely loved it.


Mallorca Ensaimada

The ensaimada is a pastry that originates from Mallorca. A coil shaped, flaky pastry covered with vanilla and powdered sugar. Simple, yet delicious in both flavor and texture! 

The Countryside

Mallorca Countryside

The majority of the island is beautiful green and flowering countryside. Rolling hills and stone-wall lined roads make you feel like you're living in a different century.


Mallorca Wildflowers

Everywhere you look, wildflowers can be found throughout the island. The kids had a blast picking the flowers and creating bouquets. 

Hiking & Mountain Biking

Mallorca Mountain Biking

Mallorca is a paradise for hikers and bikers (both road bikers & mountain bikers). We enjoyed many small hikes as a family, including this wonderful hike.

Tapas and Wine!

Mallorca Tapas & Wine

You know what they say....when in Spain, eat Tapas & drink lots of wine! That we did. The wine is especially fantastic in both flavor and price. We enjoyed quality bottles of wine in the $1 to $5 range.

Place We Stayed

We stayed in a single location for the entire trip as we were able to negotiate a significant discount for the longer stay.

Santanyi in Cala D'or

Mallorca Airbnb

What We ❤ About Santanyi in Cala D'or

  • $86.80 per night (read our guide to Airbnb discounts)
  • Modern, Airy & White
  • Located Steps from the Beach
  • heart
    Located in the Charming Town of Cala D'or
  • heart
    Close to Many Restaurants & Shops
  • heart
    Large Balcony for Eating, Relaxing or Working

Food We Ate

Since we don't enjoy dining out with kids, and to keep our budget in check, we did most of our eating at home or enjoyed a picnic at many of the beautiful places throughout the island. 

Mallorca Food

What It Cost Us

The grand total for 15 days in Mallorca, including everything seen above (and more!) came to......$2,804.57 for our family of 5!



Flight (from Lisbon)




Ground Transportation


Dining Out



$0 (nature & other free offerings were our entertainment on this beautiful island)

Cell Phone


Health Insurance


Miscellaneous (diapers, toys, tips, etc.)


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