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Hi, we're Brandon & Sarah!

Thank you for visiting -- we're glad you're here. A little bit about us, your "tour guides." We're 30-something parents, entrepreneurs, and investors that ditched the 9-to-5 to live life on our own terms.

For our family of 5, that includes traveling the world, spending quality time with one another, making everyday an adventure, and helping others

Our Mission

Our life's mission is to help people become financially independent and live an amazing life. One of our bucket list goals is to help 100,000 people become financially independent.

We created this site to help achieve our mission

At TourGuides.com we blog about travel, life, business, investing & earning passive income. 

We also offer free courses, including:

We take a different approach with courses

"Always Free" Policy

We're not gurus out to sell you $1,000+ products -- our courses are free. There are other ways to monetize and pay for this site. We may offer premium courses or services in the future, but for now, everything is free.

"Strategy Over Tactics" Policy

Too many courses focus on tactics rather than strategy. This is a recipe for disaster, and near certain failure. Our courses place a larger focus on strategy. An effective strategy will set you apart from the competition, increasing your likelihood of success.

"Keep It Simple" Policy

Everything we do to earn income is straightforward and simple. It is not rocket science. We structure our courses to be as simple as possible. This makes it easier for you to comprehend, focus, and take action.

"No Fluff" Policy

Most online courses are full of fluff. Course creators do this to make the product appear better than it actually is. That way people are willing to spend more money. The result is "information overload," making it near impossible to know where to focus.

We follow the "80/20" principle. Our courses focus on the 20% (aka 'the meat') that gets students 80% of the way there. You will learn the remaining 20% post-launch. People that focus on every last detail (the 100% vs 20%) will never get started. It is easy to fall for this trap. DO NOT fall for it!

Taking Action is the Key to Success

This lifestyle is within reach for anyone (including you!) that is willing to learn and then take action.

Taking action is the #1 determining factor in whether you are a success or a failure. Because of this, you'll notice that a key theme throughout this site is on taking action. 

We will hold you accountable to take action. Our expectations are high. We will ask you to define your "why." We will ask you to share your goals. We will check-in on your progress. We will ask for updates. We will push you to achieve your dreams.

We will be there to support you along the way.

Where would you like to begin?

To your success,

Brandon & Sarah

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