5 Must-Follow Facebook Pages For Finding Great Flight Deals

If you're looking for great flight deals, look no further than Facebook.

There are Facebook pages that exist for the sole purpose of sharing great flight deals. These pages have teams of people scouring the web for great deals and mistake fares, and immediately sharing the deals with their followers.

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A Month In Bali & What It Cost Our Family

Bali, Bali, Bali!

Surely a month would be plenty of time to fully explore and enjoy Bali, right? Oh so wrong! How can such a small island have so much to do, experience and eat? 

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How We Book Airbnbs For Huge Discounts

Did you know that Airbnb has more listings than the 5 largest hotel chains combined?

They span the globe with 400+ million listings in 190+ countries.

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How We Book Hotels For 1/2 Price At Hotels.com

Hotels.com is awesome -- if you know how to optimize the site.

We've optimized our Hotels.com stays so well that we consistently save 30, 40, 50% or more.

In this guide we'll walk you through exactly how we book every single one of our Hotels at Hotels.com for a discount.

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15 Days in Mallorca + What It Cost Our Family of 5

Who knew Mallorca, Spain was so gorgeous and never told us!?!  Well it’s not a secret anymore, because we are here to tell you…..GO!  

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A Month In Portugal + What It Cost Our Family of 5

“So where do you want to go?” I asked Brandon. “How about Portugal?” he replies. “Ok! Where exactly is Portugal?” I asked out loud.

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A Month In Thailand + What It Cost Our Family of 5

Is Thailand on your bucket list? For many years we dreamed about the other side of the world. Exotic beaches, boats in Caribbean blue water, and of course the legendary street food put Thailand high on our wish list of “must see” places.

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